How can you use rewards points at resort casinos?

 How can you use rewards points at resort casinos?

Luxury resort casinos offer rewards points that can be redeemed for comps, freebies, and discounts. But how exactly do you maximize and use your accrued points? Let’s look at the main ways you rack up reward points through your player’s club card:

  • Playing slots, table games, poker, sports betting – Points are based on money wagered and time played
  • Hotel stays – Points per night and room rate
  • Dining at resort restaurants – Points per dollar spent
  • Shopping at retail outlets – Points per dollar spent
  • Attending shows/events – Points per ticket
  • Online gaming and sports betting – Points per wager

So essentially everything you do at the resort and online earns points! Carry your player card at all times and use it liberally.

Point Tiers

hrhcbiloxi resort casinos have tiered point levels that offer higher redemption rates for players who accrue more points. Tiers range from basic to elite, with perks improving accordingly. Earn enough points each month or year to elevate your status for better comps and offers. Strive for the highest tier your play warrants. A resort’s luxury hotels also offer free nights. Typically, the higher your tier status, the greater the discount on room rates when redeemed for reward points. Rack up points quickly during your stay by using your card extensively. Then cash those points in for a free night or deeply discounted stay on your next visit.

Food and beverage discounts

Reduce costs at restaurants, cafes, bars, and lounges. Depending on your tier level and the amount redeemed, you get 25%, 50%, or even 100% off your bill. So a $100 steak dinner could cost just $25 if redeemed at maximum value. Enjoy gourmet cuisine at reduced rates thanks to accrued points. How about a facial, massage, or salon service? Spa treatments and beauty salon services are discounted at resorts. For example, a $200 spa package would only cost you $100 in redeemed points. Pamper yourself at a fraction of the cost using points you earned.

Gift shop savings

Planning to do some shopping in the resort’s retail stores? You lower that bill by redeeming points for gift shop discounts. Depending on your tier level, you receive 25% to 50% off when you use points at checkout. So splurge on jewelry, clothes, souvenirs, or anything else with savings driven by loyalty points. Most resort casinos host exciting concerts, shows, festivals, pool parties, and nightclub events. Rather than paying full price, use your accrued points to get discounted or free tickets.

Feeling generous? Many resorts allow you to gift some of your accrued points to friends and family. They then use them for discounts on their stays and services. Share the love and help your loved ones save money at your favorite resort casino. Some resorts offer bonus slot play when you redeem points at slot machines. So rather than comp dollars, your points are loaded directly onto machines as bonus credits. This gives you extra time gaming on select slots that are essentially free-play. Take advantage of your resort offers in this slot bonus option.

Diane Oxley